There comes a time when making repairs, cleaning the surface, choosing the right cleaner, applying the stain or having to replace the wood deck altogether no longer makes sense.  As most of us labor away repairing our decks and concrete surfaces the old-fashioned way, we can’t help but wonder if something better will come along.  Especially when these types of projects turn out to be too time-consuming and making the sides of your wallets snap so fast that it hurts.

What if there was something that will cut back on preparation requirements, something that will last longer, and will be easier to maintain over time.  While cape coral builders are still hustling at the same old ideas, let’s take a look at some folks who dared to revolutionize the way we think about treating our exterior surfaces.


How did Acryfin come to life?

The founder of Acryfin set out to find a solution to this problem that he needed to solve.  Working as a marine contractor he knew this was one of the biggest challenges he faced when it came to maintaining the decks and docks of his customers.  He reached out to a good friend and together after a long search for the right chemist in 2012 ACRYFIN was born.  Since then, they have made it their mission to share Acryfin with consumers and local dealers who could benefit from this innovative technology.


What is Acryfin?

Acryfin is an acrylic polymer coating being used to restore, renew, and revitalize deck paint, concrete stain, wood coating, exterior paint, and the list goes on…  This product has proven to stand the harshest climates and environments.  Acryfin was created by trained chemists to be an environmentally friendly product, non-toxic and VOC Free (Volatile Organic Compounds).  Acryfin is also an industrial grade product formulated specifically to address problems associated with outdoor wood and concrete in hostile environments.  In addition, it’s an all-water-based solution that is quickly becoming the preferred choice when looking to revitalize any outdoor project over a body of water.  The list of benefits doesn’t stop there though.


Additional benefits include:

While other coating options only last a couple of years.  This product is built to last a long time.  This product is built to last.  Acryfin is backed by a 10-year warranty.  It repairs cracks and untreated wood which eliminates dangerous splinters.  It provides non-skid protection for the safety of your family and guests or patrons.  It Provides durability to withstand weather-related events and environments.  It eliminates annual expenses of time and labor for deck staining and or repainting.  Provides unlimited color selection to match your vision for deck and dock paint.  Perfect for both, commercial and industrial, and residential applications.  It’s ECO friendly, certified and made in the USA.


What costs are involved when using Acryfin?

While your typical costs for replacing a deck include labor, design, substructure, wood or composite materials and fastener type.  With Acryfin you can keep your existing deck and only worry about cleaning and priming the surface, applying the Acryfin coat and sealing the surface for a fraction of replacing an entire deck or dock.  Resurfacing is the way to go with this innovative product that is built to last a long time.  Save time and money in the long run with this low maintenance option for your next deck or dock project.


Professional Installation Services

When it comes to applying an Acryfin coating, it’s advisable to contact a professional dealer to explain the process and provide an estimate for the exact specifications of your project.  They will be able to estimate how much time it will take to apply.  How much product, labor, pressure washing, primer, paint, and drying time will be necessary.  They are trained professionals ready to take moisture readings, inspect the substrate and monitor weather conditions to ensure the customer is fully satisfied with the best deck coating experience.


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