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Acrylic Polymer Coating

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Acryfin is the Long-lasting solution for Resurfacing any Exterior Surface Serving Fort Myers

If you own waterfront property and enjoy the beautiful views of the ocean, you are likely interested in protecting the patio, deck, or dock that connects you to the beautiful sea.  In Fort Myers, it isn’t always possible to protect your outdoor property from the effects of long periods of bright sunlight, and sea air and water that can cause chipping and scratching to paintwork and premature aging.  If you are in need of deck or dock restoration you can count on Acryfin Deck & Dock Coatings to revitalize any exterior project you have anywhere on your property.  You can count on acrylic polymer coating to renew your projects for years to come.  Contact our Fort Myers, Florida office near you today!

Acryfin Restores:

Marina Docks

Patios and Porches

Wood Decks

Residential Docks

Private Yacht and Boat Clubs

Concrete Pool Decks

Restoration + Revitalization

The Acryfin™ acrylic polymer formula seals concrete surfaces, worn, splintered wood surfaces, as well as exposed and dangerous nail heads, making them smooth and safe to touch and walk upon—protecting your family, while renewing these surfaces to like new condition.

Protection + Durability

The intense southeast weather is harsh on wood and concrete surfaces causing damaging expansion. Acryfin’s unique acrylic properties protect wood and concrete surfaces from this expansion, extending the lifespan and usability of your outdoor areas. Peace of Mind—10 year product warranty!

Eco-friendly + Safe

Acryfin™ is manufactured using natural polymers sourced from mother-nature herself—ingredients that are eco-friendly, VOC-free and safe for humans, animals, plants and marine life—eliminating the need for dangerous, harmful chemicals in many applications.  

See Why Customers in Fort Myers Choose Acryfin Deck & Dock Coatings

  • The most environmentally friendly coating option in the industry.
  • A professional installation to facilitate and guide you through the process.
  • Choose from an unlimited color selection to satisfy your decor preferences.
  • Minimize maintenance costs and headaches.
  • Protect your property and investment.
  • It is safe, durable, and non-slip.
  • Backed by our company’s 10-year warranty.

Our Services

Acryfin Deck & Dock Coatings is qualified to provide timely and prompt installation of your commercial and residential deck or dock coating needs.  Every installation is completed by our team of professionals.  You don’t have to worry about staining or repainting your deck every year.  Our premier installation services are proven to ensure proper priming of the surface, coating, and sealing to last for years to come.  

  • We saw the need for a superior product like Acryfin and felt compelled to deliver it to our customers.
  • Our main objective is to provide a superior product like Acryfin that delivers a long-lasting solution.
  • We specialize in boat docks, deck coating, porches, and concrete patios. 
  • We are confident in our customer satisfaction due to our team of professional installers being thoroughly trained. 
  • You can turn to us for same-day service and full-service installation from beginning to end.  That is our guarantee!

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Acryfin is an outstanding product that has been proven to be successful for all resurfacing needs.  Proven to restore any deck, dock, or concrete pool deck coating.  From full-service marinas to residential decks and docks, no job is too big or too small for Acryfin in Fort Myers.  Call for a free estimate today!


“My dock was at least 16 years old.  I repainted it several times, only to see it fade and peel over time.  I was in no way going to go that route again.  After seeing Acryfin’s Ad, I contacted Drew and was pleased with his presentation and the various applications in the process of recoating and sealing the dock.  I would most highly recommend anyone to explore this option, rather than spending a huge amount of money replacing the dock decking.”

Richard L.

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