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Acrylic Polymer Coating
Don’t Replace. RESURFACE … At A Fraction Of The Cost!

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Instead Of Replacing, Resurface

Your beachside home has a lot of elements to face on a daily basis. From saltwater to foot traffic, extreme temperatures, humidity, and torrential storms, you need a way to protect the exterior surfaces of your property so they look nice and are safe to use. Instead of having to replace your wooden deck or concrete surfaces, invest in a polymer coating that will protect them for years. Contact ACRYFIN® to schedule a free estimate for your acrylic polymer coating.

ACRYFIN® Can Be Applied To A Variety Of Residential Surfaces, Including:

  • Boat Docks
  • Wooden Decks
  • Piers And Boardwalks
  • Concrete Patios
  • Concrete Decks
  • Sea Walls
  • And So Much More!
Creates A Non-Skid Surface
Eliminates Other Maintenance
Protection From The Elements
Environmentally Friendly

Protect Your Investment

No matter what type of home you have, there’s a laundry list of expenses that help keep it running smoothly. The last thing you want to worry about is damage to the exterior of your home or a lawsuit because of a slip-and-fall claim. By investing in ACRYFIN® coating for the exterior of your home, you’re not only protecting yourself, but you’re also protecting your guests.

Create Safer Surfaces

ACRYFIN® not only protects the concrete and wood surfaces on your property, but it also helps protect your guests by filling in cracks, eliminating sharp splinters, and creating a reliable, non-skid surface that’s safer for your customers to walk on.

This is especially important for outdoor eating areas, piers, and boat docks where guests are maneuvering around their boat trying to get it ready to sail or bringing it in after a long day on the water.

Eliminate Other Maintenance

You don’t want to cut corners, but you also would like to eliminate any expenses that you can to make it easier for you to save money When you invest in a reliable acrylic polymer coating for the exterior surfaces of your home, you’re able to eliminate other maintenance expenses, such as deck staining, deck painting, and concrete resurfacing.

ACRYFIN® is available in an unlimited color selection, meaning that you not only get the added protection that a polymer coating offers, but you also get a beautiful deck, patio, pier, or boat dock that adds to the level of sophistication that you’re looking to maintain.

Protection From The Elements

From humidity to saltwater, rainstorms to hurricanes, it doesn’t take much to start wearing away at the exterior of your South Florida home. By investing in a professional, commercial acrylic polymer coating, though, you’re better protected from moisture damage, corrosion, heat damage, and more.

Keep your marina, restaurant, or beach boardwalk looking new and revitalized no matter what the weather looks like with ACRYFIN® polymer coating.

Environmentally Friendly
An important factor to take into consideration before investing in any acrylic polymer coating is whether or not it’s eco-friendly. Many chemicals emit fumes that would be hazardous to your customers, vegetation, and wildlife, cancelling out any other benefits that the product may offer.

ACRYFIN® is different because it was specially formulated to be environmentally friendly, non-toxic, and VOC-free. Even as an acrylic polymer, it’s a water-based product. This is an essential feature when applying to surfaces like docks, piers, and marinas that sit over bodies of water.

Our Process

We start by pressure washing and deep cleaning the surface of your deck, dock, or patio. Next, we prime the surface with our ACRYFIN® primer to ensure the coating adheres to your commercial surfaces. After that, we apply the ACRYFIN® polymer coating, which is mixed with a stain if you’re wanting to add color to your deck or dock. Finally, we apply an ACRYFIN® UV sealer to prevent fading and ensure that the exterior surfaces of your space look beautiful and bright for years to come.

At ACRYFIN® South Florida, we offer professional installation of our acrylic polymer coating to ensure the safety of you and your family, as well as the protection of your commercial property. We serve Fort Myers, Naples, Marco Island, Cape Coral, and Bonita Springs. If you’re interested in our acrylic polymer coating for your business, schedule a free estimate today.


“I only wish I had some “before” and “after” photos to show how wonderful my dock looks.  I can’t believe that it looks like a new dock.  The care and workmanship that Stephen took to rehab this almost 30 year old dock is amazing.  This is one of the best investments in my home that I have made.  Absolutely outstanding work and product.”

Margie C.

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