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Don’t Replace…. RESURFACE! At A Fraction Of The Cost.


ACRYFIN® is the long-lasting solution you need for dock coatings, deck coatings, and concrete coatings! From full-service marinas to residential decks and docks, no job is too big or too small for our experienced team. ACRYFIN® Deck & Dock Coatings are designed for wood or concrete, so they can hold up against years of moisture, wear, tear, and more. Our products are industrial-strength, VOC-free, green-certified, and the perfect solution for every dock and marina owner to restore and repair rather than replace. Contact our team in Fort Myers today with any questions!

Proudly Serving All Of South Florida

ACRYFIN®, simply put, is the best product available when it comes to Deck Coatings, Dock Coatings and Concrete Coatings! From full-service Marinas to residential decks and docks, no job is too big or too small.

One main objective is to provide a long-lasting solution for marina owners to preserve their decks and docks. ACRYFIN® is available in any color, and seals the surface to protect against splinters or slipping. Avoid pulling up old boards and hauling them off to the landfill. Protect yourself and others from common marina hazards. If you are tired of painting your docks, decks or concrete, trust ACRYFIN® to do the job. The do-it-yourself products sold in big box stores do not hold up over time. It’s time to call ACRYFIN® Deck & Dock Coatings in Fort Myers.

Our product has a ten-year warranty and is built to last. ACRYFIN® Deck & Dock Coatings can also be used as a cement and pool deck coating. Every installation is completed by our team of professionals, and you don’t have to worry about staining or repainting your dock every year. Learn more about our process below, and call for a free estimate for your dock or deck today!



First, we pressure wash and completely deep clean the entire surface of your dock or deck.


Then, we prime your dock or deck with ACRYFIN® Primer to make sure the coating stays in place.


Next, we apply stain, combined with our ACRYFIN® Coating, to fill cracks and create a non-slip surface.


Lastly, we finish the surface with ACRYFIN® UV Sealer to ensure the coating will last for a minimum of 10 years!
Use ACRYFIN® On Concrete Docks And Pool Decks

Why ACRYFIN® Acrylic Polymer Coatings?

Don’t replace your deck or dock. Resurface for a fraction of the cost with ACRYFIN®. Consumers want environmentally-friendly and chemical-free products to preserve and protect their surfaces for many years, not just one. We created a durable product that is expertly installed with a reliable warranty. We offer the best warranty in the business, and nothing holds up against weather, splinters, and moisture like ACRYFIN® Acrylic Polymer Coatings. We are confident in our customer satisfaction because our dealers are thoroughly tested, and we continuously work with our chemists to ensure our products are the best in the industry.

Resurface, Revive, and Restore with ACRYFIN® Acrylic Polymer Coatings. Save on the cost of replacing your wooden dock or deck with our long-lasting, proven coating. Boat dock coatings, deck coatings, porches, and concrete patios are our specialty. See for yourself. Call our team to get started with ACRYFIN® for your marina today.

  • Fill cracks and lock down dangerous splinters
  • Provide non-skid protection for safety & comfort
  • Durable surface with zero to no maintenance
  • Minimal out-of-service time
  • Unlimited color choices to match every decor
  • Environmentally-friendly, non-toxic and VOC-free
  • Save thousands over the cost of replacement
  • For commercial and residential applications
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Proudly Serving All Of South Florida

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs ) about ACRYFIN® Acrylic Polymer Coatings. If you have a question about our product that is not addressed below, please contact us today. We will be happy to assist you.

What are the costs associated with an ACRYFIN® Acrylic Polymer Coating?

A.The cost depends on the job; meaning how much time it will take, how much product is necessary, labor, pressure washing, paint, etc. Many times the larger the job, the lower the cost per square foot, depending on the condition of the surface being treated. This is why on-site estimates are required. Also, all markets are different; contact Acryfin® Deck & Dock Coatings in Fort Myers today for an estimate.

Q. How long does ACRYFIN® last?

A. ACRYFIN® comes with a 10 year warranty from separating from the surface it’s applied to when applied by one of our dealers. That being said, if it’s a private residence and doesn’t see a lot of traffic, it will last even longer! A “service” coat can be added on top of the existing coat whenever the customer requests.

Q. What colors does ACRYFIN® come in?

A. The color can be any paint color the customer desires.

Q. What are the surfaces that ACRYFIN® doesn’t coat?

A.ACRYFIN® cannot be used on any surface previously coated with epoxies, nor on PVC or plastics. Sappy wood must be completely sanded down before applying ACRYFIN® Acrylic Polymer Coating.

Q. How long does ACRYFIN® take to dry?

A. Depending on the time of year and the climate, ACRYFIN® can take about 8 hours to fully cure. Less humidity quickens the time it takes the product to fully dry.

What is the difference between ACRYFIN® and other coatings that can be purchased at a home improvement retailer?

A. ACRYFIN® Acrylic Polymer Coating is an industrial-grade product developed with more polymers than competitive products. Our formulas have more resin and fluorine than competitive products. The material is formulated specifically to address problems associated with outdoor wood and concrete in hostile environments. Also, our ACRYFIN® Primer ensures a bond to the substrate, and provides a surface for our coatings to adhere to. ACRYFIN® is recommended to be professionally installed. We take moisture readings, inspect the substrate and monitor weather conditions to assure our customers the best deck coating on the market.


I am more than 1 million percent satisfied with the results of my Acryfin application to my dock! The thoroughness and the accuracy and professionalism in which it was handled is beyond surperlative! The gentleman who did the work was amazing in his style and demeanor in which he worked with me as the consumer. With the utmost enthusiasm, I can sincerely recommend this company and its product to anyone out there interested in preserving their docks or walkways or etcetera.

 Webb C.Panama City, Florida

I was about to replace my entire 16 yr old dock at our place on Staniel Cay, Bahamas when I saw your booth at the Ft Lauderdale Boat Show 4 yrs ago. John and I did the deal in a Home Depot parking lot. I’m a very person skeptical but faced with a $20 grand rebuild or a $1,600 quick fix I went with your Acryfin Coating.

Well, 4 years in and we couldn’t be more pleased. I applied it myself following your directions and WOW, seriously there are no cracks, splits, bubbling, discoloration peeling. I should have pulled cheap “stainless up first as some screw heads are coming through but thats my mistake. Great product, I wish you well. PS, You oughta go on Shark Tank!

Jim Sherman, South Staniel Cay, Bahamas, Exumas

We’re delighted with how the dock looks and how you guys handled this job. So refreshing to deal with a Florida company that communicates well and does what they promise properly and in a timely manner.

Consumers – Harry + Joy Woodworth, Boynton Beach, FL